Highly popular with users for making sure a website stays fresh and dynamic, the News & Events tool allows you to submit the latest news, information and up coming events - simply and directly to your website.

An administration interface provides the dashboard and controls and puts you in the driving seat for adding, editing or deleting news/editorial or articles... anytime time of the day. It means you can change things on the website immediately and when it suits you. Information can be uploaded as regularly as you wish. Should you make a mistake, the tool is very forgiving and allows you to rectify the situation in a matter of seconds.

The News & Events tool really is a powerful tool to aid users in becoming news and events managers.

Plus, The News & Events tool templates can be configured to fit in seamlessly with your current website in order to standardise on company colours.

    Select or change the web page colour

    Add, Edit or delete the:
  • text style
  • News article
  • News article title
  • News article introduction text

    In the News Article:
  • Add or delete News article image
  • Automatic thumbnail generation
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Mark article as ARCHIVE
  • Email a news article in conjunction with Registration System.
  • Back-up every news article