Capturing prospect information from your company's website should be a crucial part of any sales and marketing activity. Just as advertisements and press editorials generate sales leads, so too will a website if it is properly marketed. But a website needs a registration system attached to it in order to capture information on site visitors who could be customers or potential customers.

The Register & E-Marketing tool enables your business to collect and store in a database a range of information on online visitors who register their interest. The registration facility offers a number of configurations and facilities - one of which gives you the ability to email information, including special offers, to everyone that has registered, as well as to your existing database of users. This product can be integrated with other Plummo tools to meet most web-based requirements.

    Design Control
  • Web Colour Control
  • Choose from 10 pre-set different colours or insert your own colour
  • Set the title name
  • Set the welcome message
  • Set the thank you message

    Field Control
  • Set up to 10 different questions
  • Set the type of input box required
  • Set validation (if required)
  • Set as mandatory (if required)
  • Set the required length of the expected text
  • Set the size of input box

    Marketing Control
  • Instantly and automatically send a message to all your registered users
  • Set the return email address
  • Download Facility for offline marketing
  • Upload Facility for bulk emailing campaigns

    Email Setting
  • Set the email message the new customer will receive along with their login details
  • Set the return email address