A website is not just an advert for your company, it is a means of selling the services you offer directly. The E-shop tool allows you to display the products that you have available, and for customers to place orders online.

Using the administration interface, you can describe - and include images of - the products or services that your company is marketing. The E-shop tool allow you to display your stock in several different categories, control prices and VAT levels, and set your own terms and conditions of sale. With one click of a button, customers can purchase products, and their requirements will be processed and emailed to you in a clear and concise format. All your company has to do is deliver the goods or services!

Creating an e-shop on your website will increase your potential customer base and raise your product profile. The E-shop tool is so easy to use that you will be able to alter and update the shop anytime you wish, to cope with the changing demands of a growing business.

  • Add, edit or delete E-shop title
  • Add website colour
  • Add, edit or delete main logo
  • Add, edit or delete top main image
  • Unlimited products / services
  • Full content management system
  • Add, edit or delete images (3500 images available)
  • Add, edit or delete Terms and conditions
  • Link products together (related products)
  • Add, edit or delete company details
  • Add response email addresses
  • Add option for customer requesting catalogue
  • Accept payments through Paypal
  • Stock control

and many more....