This tool meets the needs of small and medium sized businesses, charities and other business enterprises who are seeking a quality designed website, wish to be in control, but don't want to pay too much.

At Plummo, our Internet technology has brought the cost of a superior and dynamic website tumbling down.

Using Plummo Sitebuilder administration interface, all that businesses need to do is simply select a business template that most suits the business that they are in, select style of home page - drawn from our extensive library of pre-selected designs that have been built to WC3 html code compliance - then add their own company's name, logo, text and images into pre-defined areas.

The process is straightforward - no design skills are necessary - and we even have a library of images to choose from.

What's moreā€¦The system will allow you to preview your assembled design before it goes live. If you like it, you can launch the site. If you don't like it, ie you wish to change the design, colours, styles, typeface or images etc, then the admin interface will enable you to further amend the design.

Basically, the automated process is easy and straightforward. No previous experience of websites is required, but the result is a flexible, powerful and fully functional website that looks expensive and works.

  • Set website title
  • Choose website colour
  • Choose website style
  • Set text colour
  • Set company logo
  • Unlimited pages
  • Full content management system
  • Add or delete images (3500 images available)
  • Add, edit or delete text
  • Add or delete documents
  • Add, edit or delete company details
  • Turn other tools on or off
  • Set members only pages

and many more....