Don't put off the decision to go online any longer - every day sees new companies entering the internet market. Buy now because:

  • Plummo is Business Focused, with a real "understanding" of businesses needs.

  • Plummo will grow with your business, making it possible to add and develop rather than re-invent.

  • Plummo is Easy to use allowing you to update your site yourself.

  • Plummo is Great Value; it is Quick, can be Self Built and you only pay for what you need.

  • Plummo is Reliable, we are people you can trust, have experience, and can demonstrate reference sites.

  • Plummo will provide you with an easy way to an impressive website that will give your business a boost.



Compare Plummo to other approaches

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Plummo and the main alternatives:


Web designer

Do it yourself with a web building tool such as MS Frontpage or Dreamweaver

What is it?

Your own site built using an online service including design templates and a range of powerful web tools usually associated with larger or more expensive sites.

You employ a web designer to build and host your site.

You buy a software package, arrange an internet service provider, obtain a domain name and then build a site yourself and upload to the internet.







Quick and easy to use.  You upload content and add pages and products. Your images and colours, combined with different and professional design templates add to the individuality.   Industry templates ensure you have everything covered and make the design and build even faster.

You get a bespoke site made for your business.

You get a site that is as good as the time that you can invest in learning how to use the web design package and link it to databases and e-commerce packages.   You are in control of everything.

You have complete control over content.   Anyone with basic IT skills and internet access can update the site.

The web designer takes care of updates and hosting.

Can create a very individual look and feel.





Professional advice

Proven and Reliable

Could be fast if you can find a web designer with spare capacity.


Hosting is already taken care of.


Takes time to learn, but nowhere near as long as off the shelf web building packages or e-commerce packages.  Most functions are performed through Word type text editors.

Expensive - particularly for changes in design, content, size and functionality.

Time taken to learn about the package and how to load sites.

Updating is under your control, quick and easy.   Contains a wide range of powerful tools aimed at supporting SME's.

Loss of control due to reliance on web designer.

Could have limited functionality unless other tools are purchased Integration with databases can be tricky e.g. for storing documents

Some potential for sites to appear similar - however this is in line with a trend on the internet for convergence in web design and helps customers to navigate the site based on their experience of other sites with good design.

Updating usually relies on additional charges by the designer, so upkeep can be expensive.


Investigating hosting can be time consuming and requires some technical knowledge.

Speed could be a problem in some countries due to the centralised nature of the service, but this is improved by using a distributed network of ISPs throughout the world.

Can create a very individual look and feel (can also lead to designs and layouts that customers find difficult to navigate)




Your business could grow so fast that you struggle to meet demand.


Varying quality in terms of design, functionality and project management.   Smaller web designers may lack the broad range of skills required and will have to sub contract elements.

Time taken to develop the site and resolve technical issues through lack of experience or knowledge.  Just some of the skills needed are:

  1. Understanding principles of web design
  2. Learning how to use the chosen package
  3. Links and site structure
  4. Graphic design
  5. Shopping carts and security
  6. Database integration
  7. Testing and making changes
  8. Optimising sites for download


Cost to change and update the site


Regardless of the route to a site that you choose, it will help to prepare your content.   This means gathering together text, photos, video, designs, logos, marketing documents, product information examples of colours and ideas for a name.

Making the most of your Plummo site:

Building a website for your business is an important decision, so we have included some advice on how to get started and how to make your site a success.

Plummo was created by IT professionals and people with a good deal of business experience running smaller businesses, so we understand what you need.

If you can't find what you want here, then drop us a line and we will see if we can find out for you.