Version 3.4.67      Thu 12th Aug 2010
New Plummobeta system launched
Version 0.0      Mon 23rd Jun 2008
stationery - new version     
We have enhanced the functionality of the stationery module to make it easier to change the logo, colours, fonts and to two lines of text (could include company name, a tag line, or key message) to the logo itself. Besides an abundance of quality and efficiency changes you will notice that the Business cards and Compliment slips can be downloaded in pdf in two versions. One with guidelines for external printing and one for in-house printing with cards already aligned for your convenience. Styles have been enhanced and tweaked to match new logos functionalities. Using our new user-friendly settings interface you can now change fonts (listed in an easy to view way), and hide or show the logo device.
Version 0.0      Tue 20th May 2008
Plummo has updated the delivery function in the E-Shop. You can now add multi-delivery prices with your products. For example, you can set a specific price that customers need to spend in order to receive free delivery of their products. This new function will help with the promtion and marketing of your products. Please login your Plummo account and add this new service for your customers.
Version 0.0      Wed 8th Aug 2007
Eshop - Wesplorer     
New product versions. Each product version can have different prices, titles and additional information about the product. Versions can be displayed in your own sequence
Version 0.0      Fri 13th Jul 2007
E-SHOP Websplorer     
Search Engine Management is now available for every product. There can be different values for TITLE, KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION. This is an optional feature.
Version 0.0      Wed 8th Aug 2007
Websplorer - Site and E-Shop     
We have enhanced websplorer (Content Management System) to include new features for the e-shop and your website. We have made it easier to use the forms which are divided into categories. Options for e-shop are displayed as an easy to use menu tree.
Version 0.0      Wed 8th Aug 2007
On each e-shop is a site map showing categories and products. This provides an overview in products across different categories.
Version 0.0      Mon 25th Jun 2007
Plumstart 30 day FREE trial     
The new plummo wizard is available for a FREE 30 day trial period, try it.
Version 0.0      Wed 25th Apr 2007
Website Tool - Feedback Form     
Every website comes with a Feedback page, you can add your own text to explain how you want your customers to use this page. You can control this using the 'Set Tools' section.
Version 0.0      Sun 1st Jan 2006
Website Tool - Websplorer (CMS) - Rich editor     
Two new buttons have been added to the rich editor The first button called 'CLEAR ALL' will allow you to remove all the content with one simple click. The second button 'HTML/DESIGN' will show the mode you are in; DESIGN will show you how it will look on the webpage and HTML will allow you to see the code.